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WTB 32-20 brass

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Howdy Kid,

Here's a little info to keep in mind.  R-P brass is longer than Winchester or Starline.  If you have mixed brass you might have issues with crimping for rifle rounds.  You could trim the brass so all is the same length.  Or just use a specific headstamp.  Personally, I use R-P only for smokeless, and I use any headstamp for BP.  I set the crimp die to crimp in the groove with R-P brass, so the mouth of the brass is a little below the crimp groove with the other brands but that's okay because the bullet is sitting on powder and will not collapse into the case in a rifle magazine.  Regardless of what you end up with, load a dummy first and use your gun's chamber as a go/no-go gauge to see if the shoulder is set low enough.  Good luck.

Fun caliber.

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