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2 hours ago, Hoss said:

But those in general get a 20 second MSV and shooter continues.  This we are a hard stop and a DNF. 

Don't know where you shoot but a MSV is only 10 seconds.

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9 hours ago, Griff said:

TW... that is where the RO III manual is great at resolving these apparently conflicting issues...  The observing spotter or other shooter should bring the matter to the TO's attention... in a forceful & commanding tone, for the TO to then issue the relevant and binding commands to the offending shooter!  


I remember a LONG time ago. It was like my second or third big shoot.


You shot rifle a P1, hopped off the boardwalk and moved downrange, and shot pistol and shotgun.


I was picking brass and the shooter, upon hopping off the boardwalk, had their loaded pistol extricate itself from the holster and wind u on the ground.


Everyone was traveling with the shooter and did not notice the implement resting on the dirt.


I hollered stop.


Everyone turned to stare at me. One person looked at me, "the new guy" and started to say something about you should not say that. Now you messed up the shooter and they get a reshoot.


Then they noticed my hand and finger pointing at the shiny object sitting on the ground and the realization of why I said what I said sunk in.


I learned a couple things that day, at least of which was probably a better way of handling that situation.


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7 hours ago, Flying W Ramrod said:

Don't know where you shoot but a MSV is only 10 seconds.

Typo….fixed it!

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