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Whiskey, What’s your go to?

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Just now, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

Recommend by Utah Bob, I have been enjoying Clontarf, with Verners ginger ale and a splash of Rose’s lime juice.


Smooth ain’t it. Local store is out of it though. I had to do Teeling for St Paddy’s Day. Poor me. :lol:

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im with UB on this one , depends , i drink jim beam in my sweet manhattans because thats what my dad liked and he introduced me to them when i wads a younger person , i drink others on the rocks when im in the mood and still others neat when that mood sets in , i tend not to drink a lot of it or regularly because im not a hard liquer drinker , i like beer 

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I have tried a lot and like a lot, but sooner or later I always circle back to Jack.


Jack Daniels was the first liquor that said  'this is the drink for me'.

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Pendleton.  "Let ur buck"  

Buffalo Trace

Makers Mark



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On 4/2/2022 at 7:08 PM, Rooster Ron Wayne said:

Evan Williams Bourbon 


This is the one most often found in the freezer at home. Occasionally Bulleit Rye or Bulleit Bourbon. Although I won't turn down a glass of Wyoming Whiskey (Kirby Creek Distillery) or Two Bitch Bourbon (Eureka, Nevada) either, they're just not available around these parts...


Edited by Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580
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