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Ruger 10/22 Chicago Conversion

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While discussing the topic of Wild Bunch categories the other day, someone mentioned seeing a Ruger 10/22 rifle modified to look like a Thompson somewhere online. I looked it up and while it appears the website what sold the conversion kits is no longer active, I did find a few pictures and even a video of our own @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 using one:

I like the iconic look of the Thompson and would love to own one of these or the genuine Auto Ordnance reproduction. With a new .22 category created due to the ammo shortage, this seems like a more affordable way to participate in Wild Bunch matches. I can't find any of the kits for sale online and only the magazines show up on Gunbroker so i'm curious if anybody else here has one and what you think of it?

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I'm sorry, but when did Thompsons(and lookalikes) or semi-auto become "Wild Bunch" acceptable ?

 ..... maybe I missed something ....


  ...... I understand the .22 thing .......... but a 1921/1927 firearm is a bit too far "out there" for my understanding ........  :wacko:

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I don't think any of us have real ones, they're all modern-made long barreled semi-autos.

Yeah, my finger's on the trigger - if it goes bang, the bullet ain't leaving the place, so if it hits someone, they're trespassing. 



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