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The Kings River Regulators' Shootout at Fort Miller is now just a couple weeks away on April 14-16.  This central California match is well known as a "Traditional" Cowboy Action Shooting match-- one like you might have experienced 15 or 20 years ago.  You'll feel like you're in the old west, shooting it out with outlaws in eleven innovative stages.  You'll shoot outlaws from a moving Ore Cart, shoot the flying Buffalo, foil a highway robbery from atop a buckboard, and play cowboy in eight other very fun stages.   There are all the usual side matches, warm up matches, and free dry camping on-site, plus a catered awards dinner on Saturday.


So if you like traditional matches and  haven't ever shot this event over its 27 year history, this is a good time to try it out.  A few sign-ups are still available for a very fun three days of shooting in one of the most realistic of western settings.

Read all about it and sign up at www.kingsriverregulators.com

The event will conclude on Saturday evening. leaving Easter Sunday totally free for travel and your other plans.  


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What Dusty sez~!!  ^_^


Here's a few more samples of the facility....  :)























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I forgot to mention the raffle.  There will be two.  One has a Barbeque, a reconditioned 1873 (Uberti) Winchester rifle in .38/.357, formerly owned by one of our members, Talon Hawk, and three lots of 1,000 CCI small pistol primers.  

The other raffle will have lots of useful items for CAS people.  

Just shooting this traditional match in this unique cowboy range setting is worth the time and drive.  Going home with a rifle or primers or new Traeger barbecue would be SWEET!  Three full days of fun!  


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