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FS: J. Russell Green River belt Knives--SPF

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Hi all!

 Have two very nice J. Russell Green River knives for sale; both very correct for the cowboy/Wild West era!


Top one is a J. Russell Green River Hunter with Wenge wood scales with brass pins and 5 inch blued blade.  The sheath was custom made by a saddle maker and is very well done!  $46 shipped-- SPF!


Bottom one is a J. Russell Green River Dadley, with wood scales (which I tung oiled!) and brass pins, 6 inch blade in stainless steel, 1/8 inch thick.  This one was made probably at least 30 years ago; Russell doesn't make this larger blade size Dadley anymore; only 5 inchers.  When I bought it, it was basically new and I haven't used it yet as I have several other Dadleys.  Sheath is black leather; nothing fancy but it works. $56 shipped--withdrawn!


(Middle one already sold)


USPS MO or personal check fine!



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Do you still have that top one - Green River Hunter with custom sheath for $46 ?


If so, I will take it. I have bought from you before but have misplaced your info. PM me with your info so. Can send a check.


Thanks, Sgt Duncan

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