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How would you round out this collection.

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Trying to figure out what, if any, kind of a rifle I would add to this collection...


.45 Colt

1  Armi San Marco 92

1  AWA Lighting

1  Uberti Burgess

I have 16 revolvers in this caliber, All Modern



1 AWA Lighting

1 Colt Lightning

1 Uberti 66

1 Uberti Henry

I have 8 revolvers in this caliber, 3 Antique, 5 Modern.  The Moderns include 2 sheriffs and 1 Buntline



1 Colt Lighting

1 Wincehster 73

1 Wichester 92

I have 3 revolvers in this caliber, 1 antique with a modern cylinder, 2 modern.


I look at this grouping, and I find myself thinking about how it would be nice to be able to bring up to 3 friends with me, and all of us shoot the same caliber without having to share guns.   Obviously, the easiest way to do it would be to obtain 1 more rifle in .45 Colt.  Using .44-40's would be a bit more complex, as using the Sheriff's, or the Buntline, could be problematic, and using the antiques would require us to keep track of black vs smokeless ammo.   Going the .32-20 route is probably not an option a it would require the most amount of investment dollar wise.

That all being said, given what is in the collection, and assuming I go the .45 route, what would people suggest I go for in a rifle in that caliber?

By the same token, knowing how expensive the rifles are these days, and how, depending on new/used/maker you can get maybe three revolvers for the price of 1 rifle, should I get some more .44-40's.


I do have a complete .44 Special battery, but given how hard it's been to find THOSE guns, I don't plan to try to get any more.

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Don't know if they still make them, I had a Rossi in 45 Colt with a half round, half octagonal barrel.  Quite nice and a good shooter, if you were picky, the wood was a little darker than usual. 32-20 always makes me think of the Robert Johnson song.  There used to be a quip about cracked grips on original 32-20 handguns.  "You know why many old 32-20's have cracked grips?" "No, why?" "Because the first time the new owner fired it, he'd drop it and clap his hands over his ears.!"

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11 minutes ago, Primus Palus said:

You have over 30 revolvers?! Damn. That collection sounds amazing.


Well, I didn't mention the .44 Specials, .44 Magnums, andvarious non-Sass wheel guns,  

Having never married, I guess I could spend the money on other things over time.


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9 minutes ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

42 Single Actions (including 2 .22's)

 Andi Just ordered 2 That Darn Uberti Outlaw and lawmen series :)  when you find them you have to get them when you do,  Only 2 of mine are rarely shot one for Historical reasons and one for sentimental . 
 But to help the OP I would start with another 45 Colt cheaper to start what you want and easier right now to find . But thats coming from someone that just bought a 38 special Wild Bill with zero ammo in my stock , just one caliber I never used . 

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