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One last Pome before bedtime

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I spotted once a nubile lass
With matching eyes and hair
Deep brown they were like rich farm soil
And she laughed without a care
Her laughter was a summer song
That quickly won my heart
I felt within my boyish soul
That we should never part
I strummed and picked my old guitar
Much to her rapt attention
But shy I was, and of my love
My tied tongue would not mention
I cursed myself in days to come
As young boys often do
What chance had I with such a beauty?
My skills and charms were few
We parted ways that night back then
I felt my chance had flown
I prayed we’d form a lasting love
That few have ever known
But so it was that in due time
I seemed to win her heart
And it came to pass that as I’d hoped
We were destined not to part
And thus began life’s journey
Always hand in hand
A deep, loving dedication
That some can’t understand
And through the years remaining
Half a century and more
Our love stayed sweet and shined like gold
Till she passed through Heaven’s door
A love that comes and stays and grows
With tenderness and giving
Is a rare precious thing indeed
And makes a life worth living
I often sit and wonder now
In my declining years
What that brown eyed beauty saw in me
But I’m grateful through my tears



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