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Buffalo Arms has 45-60 black powder cartridges in stock!

Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

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I don’t reload that caliber yet!  Got an original 1876 and wanted to have some ammo for it. Got about 50 empty cases, bullets, die but no black powder or press yet 

to answer your other question I will keep them and reload them. If I didn’t I would send the cartridges to somewhere to get them reloaded. They are expensive and hard to find. 
I just wanted the other shooters to know the cartridges were available, $70 for 20 rounds but to me it was worth getting 40!

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I am aware of trimming down the .45-70 shells but I don’t plan on shooting this rifle a lot and have enough .45-60 cartridges to reload. Thanks for the suggestion though. 

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