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That Guy

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See that guy over there?
Pushing that cart and wearing that grey hair?
He seems to be doing fine
Even smiles from time to time


Not going too slow 
Seems to know 
Where things are 
And what he wants
Saw him in the produce section
Giving some directions 
To a young couple who I assume
Quite possibly were bride and groom


They had that breathless happy look
Of couples who just took 
Their vows and bows a day or two ago
And now are going with the joyous married flow


Although they know not where
That flow will take the breathless pair
I thought I saw him smile a bit wide 
As they left, that groom and bride


It was a smile that seemed to say
Good luck to you, enjoy your day
For I had many days like you 
When instead of one, I was two


A shadow seemed to cloud his eyes
As one will sometimes in bright clear skies
I wondered what his thoughts might be
As he passed and nodded once to me


“Perhaps he’s on his own I thought”
As I glanced to see what he had bought
Meals for one in small amounts
No family sized, no need to count


“Yes, that’s me”,  I said
I felt his soul. I knew his head.
Family gone over the years
Long life always comes with tears


Family gone into the mist
Some suddenly. So painfully missed.
Some slowly but so far away
That a kiss goodbye was not to be upon that final day


Now he’s left with memories of decades past
Some have faded, most will last
Until his time has finally come
To be just a memory himself to some


If perchance you see that guy 
Just nod and smile as he walks by
He’ll be alone but not always lonely 
Remember that he’s really only
You and I

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Very nice UB

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Wow. Just, wow.

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Just beautiful.

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