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2022 SASS Indiana State Championship June 10-12 at Paradise Pass.

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The Paradise Pass Regulators home of SASS End Of Trail 2021 presents the 2022 SASS Indiana State Championship. 10 action packed dynamic stages with shooter friendly target placement. Side matches including long range will be on Friday, with six main match stages on Saturday followed by four main match stages on Sunday. Awards will follow immediately after main match. We're looking forward to seeing old and new friends!!! Make sign up easy and register online here  Paradise Pass RegulatorsHere's the latest shooters list. 


Misty Moonshine

Ruby Ruthless

Deuce Stevens

CC Top

Speed Stevens

KJ Stevens

Sky Moonshine

Cobra Cat

Dusty Deputy

Short Term Emroy

Ray L Gun


Midwest Hale

Arcadia Outlaw

Don Jorge

Broke N' West

Pit Mule

Dusty Snuffs

Dallas McBoomBoom

Hoosier Sheriff


Little Hermana

Lil Chico


JB Kidd

John Wesley Hardin

Long Fingers

Outrider Outlaw


Tulsa Tex

Deadwood Kitty

Nueres Slim

Agarita Annie



April Mae


Crabby Hayes

Turkey Bob

P.R. Undertake

3 Deuce Cowhand

Cheyenne Cinder

Snuffy John

DA Donna


Kap Gun Karen

Bristol Buck

Marti Draw

Knuckle Buster

Chance Cooper

Nacho Hombre

CJ Red

Doc X

Average Joe

Sew Cantina

Blastin' Brad

Cactus Clark

Cayenne Kay

Sixgun Seamus

Howlin Wolf

Ivy Wild


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I will be there camping for the state shoot and as needed for setup.
I'll drop off the check and application at the February monthly.
See ya soon.

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I love shooting at The Pass! I really hope I can make this match. 



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13 hours ago, Leadspittinlefty said:

Did I read it rite, $50.00  for dry camping ?




Yep just $50. for the week !!

Hope you can make it.

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