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Older Armi San Marco Richards conversion firing pin parts needed


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Hello, I am doing legwork for my gun dealer friend. he acquired, in a multi gun buy, , what appears to be an older

Armi San March 1861 Navy Richards conversion, in 38 Special. There are no markings on the gun, save for the Cimarron trade name

and the caliber.


The revolver is missing the three firing pin parts....pin, return spring and retaining ferrule. He later discovered that these were missing.


Do any of y'all know of a GOOD gunsmith who might be able to get this gun back in service?


Any of y'all who have a Richards type conversion, can you provide dimensions of the firing pin? Maybe I can use a substitute?

I might be able to install of of the Howell firing pin ferrules, even if it becomes cross threaded. Then all I would need is a long enough

firing pin, with diameters to go throught the ferrule and the firing pin hole on the ring. which is why I need the dimensions





thumbnail (1).jpg


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NO.  You do not cross thread the wrong ferrule into the conversion ring.  Doing that just makes bigger problems for future owners.  


Do it right, or don't do it at all.  There are a bunch of folks out there that like to play with the ASM Conversions who would be willing to buy it as a "gunsmith special" and who actually have the correct parts.  Don't do a bodge job.

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Incorrect.  NONE of the parts for an ASM Conversion interchange with anything other than another ASM and then may not actually fit.  Currently there is NO source for ASM Conversion Parts.

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Coffinmaker is probably correct on this one.  My only advise would be to contact Lisa at VTI gun parts.  They are listing some ASM parts.  Unfortunately, I don't see parts listed for ASM Conversions.  She would know if any of the parts from other ASM models are interchangeable with your pistol.  Click on the link below:




Parts could be made by a good gunsmith, but would the pistol be worth the cost involved?




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