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Great Solution for Lead Level in Blood

Max Payne

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20 hours ago, Sixgun Seamus said:

My doctor told me that I was t!he first person he ever dealt with that had high BLL. He had no idea what to do except tell me to stop shooting. My BLL fluctuates depending on my diligence for prevention. To cover his a$$, he had me sign a letter stating I refused his advice. I was the one who originally asked him to check it due to a previous thread on here otherwise he wouldn't have a clue. He printed out and gave me some technical white paper about lead that you would need a chemical engineering degree to understand. I've learned more about prevention here on the wire and talking to other cowboys with the same problem. He has no idea what to tell me other than stop shooting.

This could have been my original post. When I first asked my Dr, to check my BLL, he said no one had ever asked to be tested, & they had never done one.

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7 minutes ago, TN Mongo, SASS #61450 said:

Which Centrum are you all taking? There are 3 types of Centrum Silver - Adults 50+, Women 50+, or Men 50+?

I had to go look. I'm taking men 50+. I'm hoping they'll come out with a 74+.

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3 minutes ago, Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903 said:

I found Centrum Silver at CVS



I think the Old Fart was referring to Centrum Elder Statesman (ES)

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On 12/14/2021 at 4:47 PM, Kid Rich said:

OK. Lets get it straight. I advised taking spirulina, however because it removes all minerals from your body I said take the vitamin in the morning and the spirulina at night. If you take them at the same time you negate the benefit of the vitamins. I dropped my Lead levels from 31 to 24 in 6 weeks when I first started. I only took 1 Spirulina at night and one vitamin in the morning. This same 6 week period I shot every weekend and nearly every thursday, so it does work but you do need to separate the taking of vitamins and Spirulina


Hope you and Bess are doing well.  You said to take the Spirulina separate from other minerals, does this include vitamins too like Vitamin C, D, etc?  Also, do you know how long it needs to be between taking them (ie, if you take vitamins and minerals in the morning and evening could you take the Spirulina at lunch time or do you need longer time between them so they don't counter act each other?


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10 hours ago, Kid Rich said:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. :P


I know for a fact that there will be NO drumsticks in that winner’s meal that you are awarding, they are all over ranges in AL and TN. Between you and ole Tennessee Williams there are chickens all over the Southeast asking Santa for new feet or crutches. :lol:


Joyeux Noel, 


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