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Could use the Prayer Posse Right about now. Updated 2021Dec3

Sedalia Dave

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It seems the good lord decided he needed another Cowgirl Angel and my soul mate :wub: answered his call.


I cannot thank you enough for all the thoughts and prayers.



Typing this to keep my mind occupied. 
 My wife is in really bad shape from complications of having her gallbladder removed on the 30th. Seems that a small tear occurred in one of her bile ducts in a very inaccessible spot. 
 She had surgery this morning to attempt to repair it but it is beyond the capabilities of the local hospital.
If and that is a big if, they can get her stable she will be transferred to Methodist Richardson where they have the skills to repair the tear. 
 Problem is they are struggling to keep her blood pressure where it needs to be. 
Been sitting here all morning praying and notifying family. As I consider many of you part of our extended family We would appreciate all the prayers you can spare. 

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Best wishes, Dave!  Prayers from our house outgoing!!!

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51 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:


Annie and I are on the direct line with the Big Guy above.

Be strong in your faith and you will feel his touch.

Chas B

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Dave - 

Eyelash LaRue...one of a kind!  She was always a blast to be around!  I still remember her first NCOWS clean stage (and  I think she got a clean stage before you did).    I will always cherish the handmade shooting shirt she made me.   


I LOVED Chris' Harley stories, hugs, and bigger-than-life personality...she will be missed!!


 Karen and I are sorry for your loss, but you are right...she is in a better place.  She will always be with you and her family.  Continued prayers for healing.


Mark & Karen

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Even though we have never met, I feel we are brothers from different mothers. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your wife.

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