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Well today was the clubs first Single Action shoot for the Woodstock Regulators and what fun it was! It was an absolute mud fest but no one cared a hoot :)  It will definitely be better when the road base is spread over the Single Action Range  as soon as when the contractor can get a dry period in, we have had rain for weeks. On Thursday a posse from Nowra Club consisting of Squints, Old Gringo and Chato who are the Southern Regulators travelled down to the club to have a look at our Single Action Range after they invited us to shoot with them two weeks ago and they were suitably impressed with the new range it was terrific showing them around and then having morning tea and shooting the breeze for nearly 3 hours. They were planning on coming today with a truckload of excess gear that they have that they can lend to the us, but the overnight rain was just too much for them to go and collect it and drive down.

Two lots of parents will have a lot of washing today as we had three kids wallowing and having a ball in the mud whilst their parents were shooting.


Here’s a photo from today and you can see what we’re standing in !!!


There were supposed to be a lot more folks, but we've had over 7 inches of rain dumped on us in 36 hours!





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Great to see Bear, looks like yer' comin' along just fine..I can understand Squints not being in the pic as his ugly mutt would shatter the lens:P..yep there has been a lot of rain, round our parts for Oct / Nov we've had nearly 20 inches..ain't complaining though as the grass is taking off & stranglin' out all the weeds !!

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