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ISO Information on J P Lower and Sons Denver Gunsmiths in the 1800's

X Mark

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   I have a double barrel 12 ga. marked J P Lower and Sons that I am seeking information  as to the age and manufacturer.

I have seen a book about this gentleman and am ordering it .

 This gun is also marked  " J P Lower and Sons Denver  Colt " on the top of the barrel rib !

 But it doesn't look like an 1878 Colt.  There are too many differences for it  to be a Colt.

  It's a hammered double with 30 1/4 in. barrels with some engraving on all surfaces.

The breech has an unusual  flare to it at about a quarter inch back from the face of the breech.

     Thanks in advance for any info you may have about this gunsmith and his business .

I know from the web that he stamped a lot of guns from other manufacturers like Colt.


      X   Mark

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Dave Lanara, Colt SAA restoration gunsmith is the author of the book I think you're mentioning. His alias on the Colt forum is JPLower. You can call Dave at his place of business. I would be willing to bet a dollar to donuts that he would know this information.





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Here's another link to J.P. Lower..... Sounds like he was a Very Interesting Fellow !!!!!



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