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Wisconsin Risks Falling Behind While Other States Join Constitutional Carry Trend

Charlie T Waite

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Pennsylvania is just one step away from joining 21 other states that have passed legislation protecting our constitutional right to carry a concealed firearm, five of which did so this year. Yesterday, the General Assembly sent Senate Bill 565 to Governor Tom Wolf for his consideration.

Wisconsin has the chance to promptly become the next constitutional/permitless carry state. Senator Mary Felzkowski’s Senate Bill 619 already received a committee hearing on October 28th, where there was no testimony or registration in opposition to it.

SB 619 simply ensures that law-abiding adults who are legally eligible to possess a firearm, may carry a handgun for self-defense without government red tape or fees. It does not change the legal criteria for who is eligible to carry. It also maintains the existing concealed weapon license system, so citizens who wish to obtain a license can still do so.

Please contact your state senator and ask them to SUPPORT SB 619.



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