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Dillon Precision’s No B.S. Warranty--I love it when a plan comes together

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Dillon Precision’s No B.S. Warranty: due to my own efforts, I was able to crack a connecting arm boss on my SDB frame.  This is a $210 replacement item!  I have been a member since 1971 and have used Dillon’s warranty many times replacing wear-and-tear items.  They always have honored these requests and have been quick in shipping them.

          But here we’re talking about probably them most expensive part of the machine, well over the original price of the entire machine 50 years ago when I bought it new:  $125.95—times and costs have changed just a mite.

           One day after filling out their warranty parts replacement form on line they replied that they had created an RMA # for me to send in the machine for their overhaul service costing $79.95 which includes return shipping.  Any broken parts would be replaced for this service.  Let’s face it, I messed up and rather than searching for the problem, just drove on and ham-fisted the handle causing the frame to crack.  Getting a new frame and all other worn-out parts replaced plus return shipping was cheap, no doubt about it.

            But all I really wanted was just a new frame and I could take it from there, so I countered with that fact.  Two days later their email says they require the broken frame to be returned in order to get a new one—I totally agree that such a large investment would have this requirement in place.

          So, $20 in shipping and insurance later the broken frame is on its way.  Ten days later the new frame arrives at my door.

          To say I’m tickled pink is an understatement.  Proud to be a Dillon customer.  Now to get back to carefully checking the cases for debris or in my situation a .22 case, before putting the case under the sizing/depriming die.    

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