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When the mind overrides the body's desire to choke the life out of some useless jack@$$ that desperately deserves it.


Your way of handling said stress is also very appropriate. 

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Menard Correctional Center Motto: Do it to them before they can do it to you.

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Someone posted something on here one day that was along the lines of:

Did you cause the problem?

Can you fix it?

If the answer is “No” then don’t worry about it. 

I know that isn’t exactly how it was written but I have using this process at work and it has reduced my stress levels. 

Side benefit: it pizzes off those around me that thrive on drama. BONUS!;)

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Failure on your part to properly plan does NOT constitute an emergency on my part!!


Your problem is NOT my problem just because you’re not capable of handling it.  It only becomes my problem if I decide to take a hand in the situation!!


 In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter much.  The sun will STILL come up tomorrow.

 If it doesn’t, it still won’t matter.

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Two signs from my desk when I was in business for myself:


"Always behave like a duck.  Remain cool and unruffled but paddle like hell under the surface."


" This is the shortest point between two distances."


I had another one, but I gave it to the Colonel I worked for in 'Nam:  A white rectangle with the words "we've always done it this way" in black surrounded by a red circle and a diagonal red stripe.  He told me one time that a rule book was  a starting point for getting things done but I always found a way to get it done easier, faster, and at least as good.

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