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The day we brought a small generator to run the microwave in elk camp, it was apparent we forgot the recliners.   Then there was the fact that the microwave was for the popcorn.....we like to think that we brought a new elevated standard to camp.  We all went soft with the first coffee press.....

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Well...after all, it was not exclusively war, and endless numbers of Europeans, that defeated the American Indians. It was also that they got used to, and needed, the more modern technology, that the Europeans could provide, that they did not have, and did not know how to make. Metal knives, pots, pans, axes, alcohol, firearms, etc. We all seek a better, easier, more comfortable way. The path of least resistance. 

Plus, we get older, and it is not as much fun to "rough it". At some of our ages, just living, day to day, is "roughing it". 

As one guy said...he has gotten so old, that he pulled a muscle, in his sleep, the other night. Now...he is scared to take a nap!!! :D

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Those of us that have been here a while remember Suzee Silk Knickers (died 19 years ago next month). Suzee was a well-known author of books on how to take tests. What many people are unaware of is that she was also a big game hunter.


She went after Caribou one year. She asked the guide (guided hunt) if he had a generator, and if the generator was powerful enough to run her blow dryer. She told me that there was no way she was going to spend two weeks in the woods without a hair dryer. Her hair would have a case of the permanent frizzes.


She got her caribou (she called him Rudy) before the first week was over, and she came home. But, at the request of the other hunters, her hair dryer stayed in the woods. They were using it every evening to dry out their boots.

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