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In 1976, how difficult was it to buy a shotgun?

Spenser novel. Terrorist have thrown a bomb into the restaurant and killed this rich guy's family. He has hired Spenser to get the terrorists - dead or alive.


The chase starts in London. He sends for Hawk. He is somehow finagled a gun permit, and brought his 38 with him. Hawk gets a double-barrel shotgun and cuts it down. Says if they have to leave the country he will just ditch it oh, and pick up a new shotgun wherever they end up.


I assumed that that meant he would somehow make contact with the local criminal element and buy from them.


They go from London to Copenhagen to Amsterdam to Montreal, and when they are in Montreal he comes back from the sporting goods store with a double barrel shotgun wrapped up in paper.


Just got made wondering how much difficulty it would be for a non-citizen to buy a shotgun in 1976. Would he have to show proof of residency? Need police permission?

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Don't know about Europe but in 1976 (age 18) was going to go bird hunting with some friends in Northern Colorado and somehow broke the stock on my shotgun. On the way stopped in Fort Collins (Woolworths)  and for the princely sum of $60 bought a Rem 870. Don't remember if I did paperwork but the whole transaction took less than 10 minutes.


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Gateway Kid

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In 1976, the short answer is that he would just have to bring out his money, and it would be his.

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2 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

In Australia any hardware store, big department store ( I bought my first rifle at KMart), sports store, tackle store, gun show, ads in the Trading Post newspaper etc etc you could have bought a shottie. 


How things have changed here.


  ....... these days we buy shotguns .......... (lotsa papers and licencing and other nonsense now)  :ph34r:

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