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Buntlines -- Do you shoot one?


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I am seeing Uberti 18" Buntlines in .45 Colt that are reasonably priced being offered by online sellers. I think they would be just the ticket for long-range pistol matches. Is the 18" version hard to use? That's a lot of barrel out front.

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I shoot buntlines, both short (10") and the long tom version (18").  Both my revolvers are 45LC.


I experience no problems with either.  the Long Tom came from Uberti with an older Army grip vs. standard SAA one so you have more to hold on to.  Getting a hold of the target is no problem whatsoever.


With targets being as close as they are today for main matches...if they move any closer all you will need to do is lean forward and tap the targets with the muzzle in the proper order.  Saves $ on bullets!


Only problem is drawing the 18" buntline.  Functionally its great, accurate, and a good pistol.  My next experiment is to try out shooting stix with it!


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Here’s my pair of Buntlines.


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1 hour ago, Tennessee Snuffy said:

I shoot Rugers with 12 1/4" barrels (45 colt) as my regular match guns.  And yes boys and girls you can still miss the big up close pistol targets!!!!!!!!


Tennessee Snuffy

It's fun watching you draw them too!

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Buntlines...   Buntlines...  Buntlines...

Well, if you define a "Buntline" as 10 or more inches, I guess I have two of them.


The top pistol is what I call my "Big Iron."  It started life as a fairly generic Armi San Marco clone with a 5.5" bbl.  I modified it to this configuration after reading a description of the pistol that inspired the Marty Robbins song.   With a 10" bbl, it's technically a Buntline.  (.45 Colt)

The bottom is a Colt, 12" in .44 Special.   (I also obtained a .44-40 cylinder for it, after market.)

Both guns are very accurate, and I have used them quite effectively at longer ranges.

I did see an Uberti .45 with an 18" barrel once for a a very good price, but to my regret, I passed on it.   I thought the 18" tube would be too unwieldy.  Then, less than a month later, I saw someone shooting a pair of them gunfighter style, and have regretted not getting it ever since!   Not seen another one either.  Oh well.

I will use these guns in a main match from time to time.   I have paired the Big Iron with things as diverse as a generic SAA, a converted Walker and my Lighting Bolt.  (Think Mare's Leg based on the Colt Lightning, not a Win 92.)  

The Buntline I most often pair with a Colt Sheriff's Model for contrast.



I'm supposed to be confused there.   Not sure if it come across.   But a friend of mine did this with the picture...



We had fun that day.  :)


Good luck!

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Crowd pleasers! I had a set in .357 a few years ago too, but they were dang heavy, and I sold them to Korrupt Karl. These are .45's, and they were also made in .44-40, but I've never seen one.

As to shooting them in long-range side matches - some matches I've shot, two day annuals or state matches, have had a rule that you had to use your main match guns for the long range side match, so if winning the side match is a big thing for you, check beforehand.

The camera adds 10  pounds, 20 pounds, 50 pounds, remember... time to hit the carrots & yogurt again. :lol:







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Duelist, of course

At PA State several years ago, when I was younger, stronger, and less shaky.

Yule Lose has them now

I miss 'em.
Rowdy Yates put tapered 12" barrels on them, so they're not as heavy as you might think.

Too Much Fun!!!


prairie dawgs buntline belching smoke & flame.jpg


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