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Cimarron Firearms 1875 Outlaw .44-40 Win Revolver 6 Rounds 5.5"

Dan Iliff

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It's out there, but you will pay out the kazoo for it, right now...if you can find it.

You can reload it, but the brass, and primers, are scarce, and expensive. 

The reloading dies are available...on-line, anyway. 

Not sure about powder, will depend on where you are, and if it is in stock.

It is not a rare cartridge, usually...thanks to C.A.S., just right now components are hard to come by, for reloading...not only in this caliber, but a lot of the calibers, and gauges. 

Next year we will continue to flush the toilet of the marxist-socialists-leftists, politicians, and things should be better.  


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28 minutes ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

Hornaday and Winchester produce this round. But, not many stores stock it.

Also Magtech, Black Hills, Fiochi, HSM, maybe others.  But as said, hard to find lots of ammo at the moment.  The manufacturers seem to be concentrating on the big sellers right now like 9mm, .223, etc.

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