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This day do we celebrate our silver anniversary: 25 years of marriage and still just as happy as if we had good sense!

Many years, many memories, much laughter, and as happens between every married couple ... we almost develop our own language, our verbal shorthand, our standing jokes.

I ran up (okay, drove, I'm too lazy to run!) -- I went to Olive Garden and got a meal to go.

Melissa is not up to going anywhere unless it's most urgent and that's fine, that's why God invented curbside pickup.

Anyway --

They include little foil wrapped chocolate mint thingies, Melissa handed me one and said "Mint, dear?" and we laughed ...

You see, we went to the annual Civil War Show in Mansfield, reputed to be the biggest in the country, and we delighted in viewing the simulated field hospital amputation: as a couple medical veterans, we watched, commented quietly to one another, smiled indulgently as everyone around us cringed at the sound -- a plastic pipe inside the dummy leg makes a surprisingly realistic sound when the saw bites into it -- and in the shocked silence that followed, Melissa innocently held out a box of Tic Tacs and said "Mint, dear?"

Everyone but the surgeon, the surgical nurse and the patient turned and glared at us like we were ghouls!
We still laugh at that one!

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Melissa and I viewed this together, good Subdeacon, and we both thank you most kindly for this blessing!

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Happy Belated Anniversary my friend!

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