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I would love to see this


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This is the second mummy movie. If IT'S, YOU FLIPPING MORON, IT'S, NOT IF the climactic battle scene between the Magi (the good guys) and the army of Anubis (the bad guys). The Magi are galloping towards the army of Anubis. Notice how you can see everyone's sword blade. Everyone's, except this guy in the front. His is kind of blurry. That's because he was spinning it in his hand while he's galloping across the sand.



I am aware did they had him twirl his sword for dramatic effect.

But I would like to see, in at least one movie, when the hero does that for dramatic effect, he drops his sword or his knife or his gun or his axe or whatever the hell it is that he is twirling.


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Thinking about movie characters twirling their guns made me think of movie characters twirling their balisongs.


There's a scene early in the movie where Evy, the female lead, has been captured by the bad guys and they are going to dump her into a fire. They have her laying on a table top, with her wrists and ankles bound. And just as they were about to dump her off the table into the fire, here comes Rick, her husband and the male lead, who snatches her off the table, throws her over his shoulder and runs off.


He ducks around the corner, then pulls his knife and cuts her free.


He uses a balisong. But he does not do like most people do with a balisong in a movie. Flip flip, spin flip, twirl flip flip twirl spin, flip flip twirl. No. He pulls out the knife, flip, it's open, he cuts the ropes, flip, is closed and he puts it away. Like people that actually use and carry a balisong do. You know like people that actually use and carry a pistol just pull it out, shoot whatever they were going to shoot, and put it back. They don't pull it out and spin it and twirl it before shooting, and then spin it and twirl it a few more times before holstering it. Draw, bang, holster.


It was quite refreshing to see the way Rick handled the knife. If you were not aware he had a balisong, you would probably not know that's what he used. Because he didn't make a big deal out of it.

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@Alpo the “butterfly” knife “artistry” of flipping them about drives me nuts. 
Personally, I wouldn’t own one…actually, I do. It’s a little tiny thing. 

Anyway, years ago, mid-80’s, I was at a friend’s and he had gotten a balisong recently and apparently sat around watching TV flipping this thing and trying to do tricks for a few days before attempting to “dazzle his friends” with it and his prowess in handling it. 
He invited me over for beers with he and some of his other buddies. I was sitting at his kitchen bar when he walked out of the hallway into the living / dining area carrying this garish thing and he proceeded over to sit next to me at the bar. 
He handed it to me and asked me what I thought. 
Being polite I looked it over with way more interest than I had because he was clearly proud of it and proud of himself for owning it. 
I handed it back and said “That’s a cool knife, Dave.”

He smiles then gets up then he proceeded around the room flipping it and catching the other handle…knife open, knife closed, knife open, knife closed, trying to impress  the other 5 guys that were there. 
Everyone (but me) was duly impressed. 
Note: I see no use for them and the sound they make when whirling about annoys me. 
Anyway, Dave decides to sit down next to me about an arms length away. He turns toward me on his stool and proceeds with flipping this damn thing around again and he says:

“Imagine me coming at you with this!”

Sitting on the counter was an open school book - Dave was in college. In the little valley between the pages in this open book was a wooden pencil with the eraser worn to the nub. 
As Dave is flipping this knife about and saying his cutesy little “Imagine me coming at you with this” I snatched the pencil left handed, transferred it to my right hand and mock stabbed him in the chest 3 times very quickly. 
The look on his face was priceless. 
All the other guys stood completely in shock for a moment then began laughing. 
Dave carried his butterfly knife occasionally for a couple of years, especially when camping, until he had it taken away from him by a police officer during a vehicle search…that is another story. But Dave always used it like it should be used from then on and I never saw him emulating the stars of “B” Kung Fu movies after that. 

It turns out carrying a Balisong longer than 2” is a felony in CA since the 70’s. <_<

Another stupid CA law derived from bedwetters making laws after viewing Kung Fu movies. 

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1 hour ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Note: I see no use for them

Back before the "young fool" "chop saki" movies made them popular with wannabes, many knife companies made them and sold them as "safety sheath".


Like a switchblade, they can easily be opened with one hand (which is the original reason for being of a switchblade knife), but unlike any other folding knife, they do not need a lock to keep the blade from closing on your hand.

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