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Brown Township Regulators Shoot CANCELLED

Sixgun Seamus

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Howdy Regulators,

Well, after looking at three different weather services the best I could come up with is cold, windy and rainy. This does not make for a fun Cowboy shoot so we are cancelling the shoot for this Saturday, October 30th. Thanks for your support throughout the past year and hope to see all of you next year. 





Well, our shooting season is rapidly drawing to a close. We are planning to have our last shoot on Saturday, October 30th. We will shoot six stages of fast and fun banging and clanging. Registration will start at 8:45 with lead headed down range at 10:00 AM. We might be short on setup help so anyone who can come around 7:30 or so to help set up would be appreciated. Coffee and donuts available in the morning with a light lunch available after the shoot. As of right now the weather is looking pretty dicey with highs in the lower 50's and rain and/or drizzle. Wet and cold is not fun so stay tuned for updates on the shoot. A final decision will be made no later than Friday morning on status of the shoot. Hope we can get this one in.

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  • Sixgun Seamus changed the title to Brown Township Regulators Shoot CANCELLED

Howdy to Sixgun Seamus, Bob Town Cooter, Sandy Creek Jake, and the rest of the crew at Brown Township:

     Thank you for all your hard work and dedication during this 2021 shooting season and thanks for all those great cowboy matches. You’ve provided us gunslingers with a heck of a nice place to shoot, visit with friends, and have tons of fun.

      Thanks for all the good times and I hope to see you again at Brown Township for the 2022 outdoor shooting season. 

     Ohio cowboys and cowgirls, if you haven’t attended a cowboy action match with the Brown Township Regulators; you’re missing out.  There are plenty of fine, fun people down at that club and a good time is always had by all!   :D


     All the best,

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I figured you'd cancel it, the weather's been sucky all week. See ya at Tusco......maybe.....

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With all the rain this week, it'd have been unkind to have the crew slog around setting up the stages.

April and October are always a little chancy here.

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