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I hope you are afflicted with Karma Sutra...



That's when life screws you in a way you didn't expect.

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3 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:



  .............. I thought that was Chinese .......   :rolleyes:

Juéduì bùshì zhōngguó hwa 


definitely not Chinese, well not mandarin and likely no other dialect.



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7 hours ago, bgavin said:

I saw the "gojira" which made me think they were arguing over a Japanese monster movie.


I got it the first time I read it.      The old man recued from his sunken ship told the interviewer it was "Gojira".


P.S. - what bothers me the most is that I know 'Sukitaki' and she normally don't like to Moritaka.





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