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1901 Winchester Lever Shotgun Value?

Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

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Let me say at the outset, that it is difficult to value a gun based on a description.

That being said, can anybody give me a ballpark guess on this gun that a friend has, but has no idea of the real-world value?

Winchester 1901 lever shotgun

10 gauge

all the metal has gone brown

Bore is original length, & in good shape.

Owner was a cowboy, who used it in matches until he died several years ago

Functions fine




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I bought mine twelve or more years ago for $750.00 from a seller who was desperate.  When it arrived, we found two separate tags from gun shows where he had been asking $1,200.00.


My wood is the high side of fair to good and there is some blue left on the metal!  I would easily turn down $1,750.00.

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there is one on cast boolits with must b e a hundred pictures, asking 1800.00, and i've seen that price other times too. 


I asked that same question on  here a few years back and some said as low as 600 because of the 'odd' caliber and chamber length.

I tend to think they are worth more like 900.00 but I'm no price expert, just what I feel they are worth in 'fair''/used condition

imho, ymmv. 


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As you know, it's: "condition, condition, condition". 


From looking at the gun web-sites, on a daily basis....I would say, if it is in good shape, for it's age, and the bore is good, with no corrosion...then a minimum of $1,300.00.   


My Two Bits.





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