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Wells, Fargo & Company never operated on the Southern Overland Trail.

Subdeacon Joe

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Wells, Fargo & Company never operated on the Southern Overland Trail. They did operate as a stage company on the Central Overland Trail only from 1867 to 1869. They ordered 40 Concords for this purpose from Abbot-Downing, Concord, NH.
Today, only two of these original stagecoaches survive and the gear of a third. No. 251 is owned by the State of California and is on loan to the Wells Fargo History Museum, Old Town, San Diego, CA. The gear of coach No. 253, on which is hung the body of No. 106 is owned by Otero Museum in La Junta, CO. Pieces of coach No. 259 are exhibited at the Gateway Museum in St. Louis, Mo. All others represented in museums along the overland trails, and elsewhere, are replicas.
Doug Hocking supplied this photo of No. 106 in the Otero Museum.
May be an image of indoor
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3 hours ago, J.D. Daily said:

Is the one owned by the State of CA the one that for years was in a WF branch on Market St. in SF?


I remember that coach in that branch... kind of a circular-shaped building, as I recall.  I believe it became a Sharper Image store after Wells Fargo moved out.  


Dunno if that particular coach was restored or a replica...  but either way, it was still neat!  ^_^




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