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Howell -VS- Taylor's conversion cylinders for cap & ball revolvers?

Blu Nos Dav

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I use them in Ruger Old Armies, blued and stainless. They perform well. If you’re going to shoot them a lot invest in extra ferrules and firing pins.

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I have Howells, Taylors, and Kirsts.

They all function great.

Howells makes Taylors, except Taylors uses Italian firing pins -- The Howells pins are hardened, and are better IMHO.

I have several at Howells now getting new Ferules and firing pins.

Most of mine are 15-20 years old, and are still going strong.
Call Maggie at Howells -- She'll fix you right up!


(608) 563-0974


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7 hours ago, Blu Nos Dav said:

Which brand do you use, Yul?

Mine are all from Taylor’s. Prairie Dawg is correct about the softer firing pins. Make sure whichever ones you get they have the window in them so that you can more easily see the empty chamber. Sometimes trying to show just the firing pin position to a loading officer (not that we do it that often) is hard to do and the slot or window makes it much easier for them to see where the empty chamber is.

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I started this game using two Uberti 1860's that I put Kirst cylinders in. They worked great but it was kind of a pain loading & unloading them. As was stated above keep extra firing pins on hand as they will mushroom. Stainless steel pins are better. The only other issue I had was I had to watch my 45 Colt cartridge OAL as there isn't much length in the cylinder to spare. I ended up go to 45 Schofield ammo in it instead. They were fun to shoot though!

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Bursting your Bubble.  Taylors and Howell cylinders are ALL made by Howell.  If memory serves, the 6 shot cylinders only fit Remington or Ruger.  Colt pattern guns all use 5 shot cylinders.


PLUS ONE for Prairie Dawg

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