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Quiche part deux


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I am so glad that I bought that quiche at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago.


I went to breakfast this morning at the Golden Corral. They had what appeared to be Pizza on the buffet. What the heck, I took a piece. But if I put it on my plate I noticed that under the melted cheese and bacon bits there appear to be eggs. Aha. Quiche.


So I continue on to the table, and after eating my eggs and grits and sausage I sawed off the point of the triangle and stuck it in my mouth and started to chew.


Oh. My. God. That was one of the nastiest things I put in my mouth in a long time. Only Mama's breeding and beatings prevented me from spitting it back on the plate.


And if I had not had a good one previously, I would now go through life secure in the knowledge the quiche was one of the nastiest foods in the existence of humankind.

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