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Need Marlin wood, buy or trade

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I've got an 1895 cowboy marlin that has mismatched wood due to me knocking the rifle over and breaking the original stock. 


It currently has a checkered stock with a plain forend (9" long) with an Oct. barrel. , so I either need a plain stock or a checkered forend.  I can trade ya what I've got or buy it outright.  I also have several Marlin forends

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3 hours ago, Irish-Pat said:

There were two stocks on Guns International for sale.

  The ones I see are checkered, I've already got one of those, if I buy the butt stock, is needs to be plain, but thanx!

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  The butt stock from my 1895 will fit onto an 1894, so let's see what pops up before I start selling what I've got

6 minutes ago, Parson John Tourmann, #67768 said:

I need an uncut butt stock for a 94 Marlin checkered or not. If have one of those to sell!



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Last I checked, Brownells sold a lot of different stocks and forearms for the various Marlins.  I bought a 336 off of Gunbroker and it had a cracked stock.  I replaced the wood and had a great gun.  That was over 10 years ago, but check there.

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