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Sold -- Thanks

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I have for sale a  3" 44 Caliber Pietta 1860 Belly Gun -- Also called an Avenging Angel.


Navy-size Plow Handle grips

44 Caliber

3" factory barrel with good bluing

"CL" = 2013 Manufacture

Roll Engraved cylinder with good bluing and Slix nipples

Load with an off-gun cylinder loader or brass/wooden dowel

Cap Rake & action by Coffinmaker

Cap Rakes involve putting a post in the hammer channel just behind the nipple.  Then, the hammer face is re-profiled, so that it passes by the post to pop the cap, but the spent cap cannot fall back into the hammer channel and tie up the gun.  It works well.

This is a fun little percussion gun.

$425 + $25 shipping USPS Priority Mail, fully insured to your door (where legal)


Paypal/Personal Checks/Money Orders work for me.

Thanks for looking











cap rake photo.jpeg

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Good Evening SGT:

I just talked to Coffinmaker on the phone.

He built 'em, and he shoots a pair that have both percussion cylinders and conversion cylinders, and he said absolutely they will accept a conversion cylinder.


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The Avenging Angel #1 with the ivory Thunderer grip has been sold

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