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Winchester/Miroku 1885 Trapper in 38-55 (SPF)

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Ad says it all. LNIB 16" bbl, action and trigger smooth. No box or papers. It is a SRC. Hard to find, hardly any available on line. This can be used in multiple categories as well as long range. Will ship to your FFL, from a private party. 38-55 is a great caliber, can still buy ammo online. To sweeten the deal, I will include a set of dies, brass, and bullets in various weights for you to play around with. Cost is $1250 plus shipping. No trades at this time, but who knows. Pictures sent to your phone by request.



Capt Stephen D Hill

Edited by Capt Stephen D Hill, SASS #56151
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Pics Please 

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28 minutes ago, Uriah, SASS # 53822 said:

It is just me, but, I don’t know what you got for sale.


1885 single shot?

1886 SRC?




I was confused at first as well but I typed in the title and lo & behold up popped several different entries with pictures and a few youtube videos. A very nice 1885 single shot trapper length with a saddle ring. A sweet little single shot carbine. I like it a lot !

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RRR-----I'll consider it sold pending funds. I will have to check on shipping. 

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Well, it seems RRR has had a change of heart. Back up for sale!!

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