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Well, I am starting to face up to my age and beginning to look at a lot of my "STUFF" collected over the decades.

I started by selling off some firearms that had become safe queens then I started looking at my medals, orders and decorations.

Friday, I bit the bullet and consigned my collections Orders of the British Empire , The Order of the Bath and the Order of St. Michael and St. George to the auction house in the UK, where they will attract the most attention of collectors.

Hard to see them go after all these years and look at the bare section of my office wall where they hung, but better than some one, not knowing about them and discarding them, as happened to the collection of a collector I learned of.

Next up will be those of the Napoleonic War and Waterloo etc.

Oder of the British Empire pre 1936 Companion Officer Member and the British Empire Medal.jpg

IMG_0098 Order of the Bath and Order of St Michael and St George.JPG

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Unfortunately no.

My son isn't a collector of the sort of things that I found interesting although we share our HERBIE show car.

It's a complete rebuild, inside and out as well as having a number of other automated features run by a computer.




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Being one that has moved numerous times in my adult life I do understand having to or desiring to consolidate things. It is hard to let things go. 

I found that it’s much harder to do these things in increments as the pain or disappointment is spread out over time and, quite honestly, is unhealthy. I would recommend that if you already know what needs to go that you put all that stuff together and then leave it set for 2 weeks to a month and then decide, but ditch everything that you decide to get rid of all at one time. 

I have made some decisions I now regret because I didn’t leave tings sit while making final decisions on what stays and what goes. 

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