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USFA Rodeos and Percussion Cap Pistols

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..For various reasons I am leaving the game and Bordertown will be my last shoot.  All of the guns have been either main match guns or shot a fair amount.  No safe queens here.  Some of the guns will be used in the match and won't be available until after the last stage.


1. Consecutive S/N USFA Rodeos, 38 spl, 4-3/4".  My main match guns for the last 20 odd years.  I got them from Gary Granger before he joined USFA.  They are part of the first batch of 100 38 spl Rodeos, so B S/N.  Complete with boxes, literature, and cloth sleeves.  Patina.  Action jobs by an old gunsmith at the Yolo County Airport when I first got them.  One has a replacement bolt spring that has not been tuned and one has a replacement ejector rod that doesn't match.  $1,400 shipped.


2. Uberti 1862 (5 shot model).  I picked this up as a spare and have only shot ten rounds through it.  No work done on it and will need better nipples.  $265 shipped.


3. Uberti 1851, 5" barrel, 44 caliber.  I bought this as a backup gun and for knock-downs.  Less than 50 rounds through it.  Action is smoothed, Treso nipples, and a cap rake installed.   $325 shipped.















































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  • Rillito Red changed the title to USFA Rodeos, Coyote Cap 97, and Percussion Cap Pistols
  • Rillito Red changed the title to USFA Rodeos and Percussion Cap Pistols
9 hours ago, Rillito Red said:


 I replied to your November 6 message, haven’t seen one since.

Sorry, I just found your answere.  Thanx

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