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Dog owners be aware of sugar free chewing gum

Buckshot Bear

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Wife and I were watching the Yorkshire Vet on TV last night and they had a dog brought in that had eaten just one stick of sugar free chewing gum.

Short story, dog was on life support and nearly died....but with intensive care they pulled it through.


Nearly all sugar free gum has the ingredient xylitol and its deadly to dogs.


We went through the house last night and also the cars and cleaned out where we keep some of this gum and sure enough it had xylitol listed in the ingredients. Its all been thrown out now.


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That name, “Xylitol” rang a bell for me. 
It’s an ingredient in some sinus wash recommended to me by my ENT Doctor. The sinus cleanse is called Xlear. When she recommended it I remember asked “isn’t Xylitol a synthetic sweetener?”

She said she wasn’t sure. I declined the use of Xlear and stuck with NeilMed. 
Artificial sweeteners are scary stuff. 

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You know what the worst part is? I mean, hell, you can throw away all of your sugarless gum so your dog doesn't get it, but some dork walking down the street is going to spit his out on the road. And if it's still smell sweet the dog is going to eat it. Idiot child, while we are out on our nightly walk, eats cat crap and squished toad frogs and anything else that to her idiotic brain appears edible.

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