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Something for everyone! 1895 Colt DA .38, 1873 2-Band Trapdoor

Wallaby Damned

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Revised posting as most items have sold. I’ve got two items left that may be of interest to you all: 


Winchester Model 1886 SOLD!


1895 Colt Army & Navy .38 Colt  S/N: 22x22

Army issue sidearm in the interwar years which I bought to fill my own collection as it came after the Peacemaker and DA. .38 Colt is a nice light recoiling round but you probably wouldn’t want to depend on it in battle. This one has a nice patina indicating extensive holster carry, still has a good amount of blueing on the frame, plastic Colt grips.  Functions perfectly in DA/SA and shoots well. The cylinder and release have #725 stamped on them which may mean this was an armory rework at some point? At any rate, nice little bit of history here. I’d like $525 shipped for this one.


1902 Colt DA “Philippines Constabulary” 45 Colt SOLD!


1860 Spencer 56-50 SOLD!


1873 2-Band Trapdoor Rifle 45-70 govt S/N: 48114x, placing manufacture date sometime between April and June of 1875, a little over a year prior to Custer’s defeat at the Big Horn/ Greasy Grass. Barrel measures 31 3/16” Correct stock, sight, high arch breechblock. Comes with a nice leather sling and bayonet. Honestly, this is one of the nicest trapdoors I’ve ever shot (I have a video of me doing so if you’d like to see that). Beautiful bore and a really nice yet original finish overall. Cartouches present, no cracks and very few handling marks. I don’t know what the story on this one is but it’s been very well taken care of. Finish is better than 80% (or better) throughout. The blueing on the barrel is worn from mounting the bayonet  suggesting this might have been a drill rifle? The woodwork is really nice. Function is flawless. Ejector kicks out brass very nicely. I just picked up an original cleaning rod as well (included) so this rifle is totally complete now. Check out prices on original 1873’s and the reproductions available and I think you’ll find this a pretty good deal. Shoot a piece of history! I’ll include a set of RCBS dies as well as 100 pieces of brass, mixed manufacture  but all very good, most of it is nickel.  Also including a canvas “prairie belt” with a Winchester buckle so you can shoot your aide matches. Carries about 25 rounds and I even have a few loaded rounds to get you started. I believe it is PMC or something but it’s commercial load 405gr FP ammo. Safe to shoot in a TD.   I’d like $1225 OBO shipped for this one. 


Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 SOLD!
















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Sarge- whoopsie!  Third time’s a charm maybe?  I had written most of this online last night and then got bumped for whatever reason. Re-done this morning offline then pasted here and must’ve missed it. I’d like to get $2500 on the Sharps which is definitely less than what I have in it but probably a fair price for someone interested.  Thanks for pointing out the oversight. 

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I believe so. Chamber coloring still looks factory inside. It’s a really nice piece in my ever so humble opinion. I handled a lot of TD’s before I bought this one; if I could only remember where I bought it. I travel all over the country for work and usually to some pretty remote locales. Have found a lot of old treasures this way though my wife tends to look at them askance. Lol


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I am interested in the 1886 Winchester. Could you please send me some photos of the barrel markings? What length is the barrel?

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Cholla, barrel is 25 1/4”, mag tube is 25”.  I love rhe finish on this rifle as it was clearly used but cared for. There are old, old handling marks and dings on the stock and foreend but the wood is really pretty. There’s enough of the blue and nickel left over to see what it would have looked like new but there’s so much character to this rifle. Action function is really nice; hammer spring is very strong. I had plans of taking this one elk hunting out here but then found a 76’ 50-95 so… ;)








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Okay. You talked me into it. I'll take the 1886. Let me know how you want the funds.

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I picked up the 1902 colt today and it was nicer than it looked in the pictures, which is always nice.  I am quite pleased with the fast shipping and smooth sale.  Wallaby Damned is a good guy to do deal with.  

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Thanks Doc!  I’m glad to have made another connection and look forward to sharing a table with you sometime in the future. 

FYI folks- the 1895 Colt DA is still available as is the Sharps. I’m willing to make a deal on either. Also, will include two molds for the Sharps (370gr Postell, 400gr Brooks

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The Sharps is sold pending funds and buyers approval to Silver Creek Jack.  Thanks mate!  

for anyone wishing they’d moved a little faster on that Trapdoor, here’s your chance! The first buyer changed his mind so she’’s available again. As an added bonus, I found a little over 100 pieces of brass to come along with and a handful of commercial loaded ammo. Don’t recall the manufacture but it’s your typical 405gr flat point load. I’m also including a set of RCBS dies and a canvas prairie belt (bandolier). Go get on your horse and head into the sunset scouting for signs!  

the 1895 Colt DA is likewise still available and I’m open to offers on that one. Thanks all!

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  • Wallaby Damned changed the title to Something for everyone! 1895 Colt DA .38, 1873 2-Band Trapdoor

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