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TN State: A Great Match

Widder, SASS #59054

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The TN State, hosted by the Wartrace Regulators, was a darn good place

to spend a weekend.   The match was 1st rate.


I got to shoot with Sadelia Dave and Tequila Shooter.

And, I got to meet and shoot with Roy’s Creek Dan.  He’s a good friend of Red Knee out

in Oklahoma.

And of course, one of my favorite Cowboys, and proud to call friend..... Max Montana.


Thanks to ALL the Wartrace ‘Jack Daniels’ Regulars for help making this ole,  cobweb feeling, Cowpolk

feel a little younger again.

POSSE 13.5 was a blast.



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It was an honor to be on posse 13.5 and shoot with a first class group of cowgirls and cowboys. The Wartrace Regulators did an excellent job and put on a world class match.


I to am looking forward to next year.

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It was such a good time and posse 13.5 was awesome.  We had a good time, had fast shooters, clean shooters and everyone pitched in.  @Tennessee williams and @Sedalia Dave did an excellent job running the posse.  And of course folks like @Widder, SASS #59054 and @Mean Mary 45913 kept everyone shooting straight. 


Thanks to all of the hard working pards of the Wartrace Regulators for putting on another quality match!

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It was fantastic ... again, Not sure how they keep getting better each year but they seem to do it year after year. Thanks to the whole crew, it takes a team effort to make a match run like this one did.



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