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Well, it finally happened. They installed titanium rods and did a bone graph and fusion on L3 and L4 this morning. I got here about 530 am, surgery at 8 am and was in a room by noon.  The pain is not too bad and i have been up walking with a walker some. I have a drain in my back and and they are keeping me until Saturday or Sunday. I did sleep some but now wide wake and bored. I hope to be shooting next year and looking forward to seeing all of you.

 Maddog McCoy 

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Praying for a quick recovery

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Glad you are bored!  A boring recovery is usually a good recovery.  "Exciting" recoveries are the scary ones.


I gotta repeat what Pat said, listen to your doctors and do what they say, and dont try to push it past the limits they set for you, even if you feel you can.


Hoping for your great recovery.


I've been there, C5/C6 with a titanium plate and some zombie bone (cadaver bone matrix). Any my wife had it much lower in the L region, except with ceramic rather than the zombie bone.  







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Do what the doctor says to do! DO THE PHYSICAL THERAPY RELIGIOUSLY!!  

They did my surgery on Dec. 13th, L1 to L5, and I shot the March 1st match at Wartrace the next spring, wearing my back brace and staging my shotgun shells because my shotgun belt wasn’t big enough to go over the brace! 

I was riding my old Harley before the end of May and have been pain free in that area for 16 years!  

Great doc and the therapists were fantastic! Relentless, but altogether fabulous!



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Adding you to the prayer list. I feel for ya. About 15 years ago my L4-5 disc blew into my spinal canal. The sawbones was able to fix it without installing any hardware thankfully, and I pretty much fully recovered. Hoping yours is successful as mine.


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Thanks everyone.  This morning they checked me and gave meds. My blood presure was 117 over 70. About 5 mins after they left, i got sick and cold sweats really bad and hit the nurse button. N I the time they got back  ( 2-3) they i had lost all my color ai had a massive headache and my vision was blacking out. My blood pressure had dropped to 63 over 30. Fortunately after few minutes, it started to come back up on it's own.  I was messed up for about an hour ( seeing stuff  they claimed was not there)or so and slept most of the day.  I am better tonight and although I hurt, they reduce the meds i am taking.  I should get out tomorrow.  Thank for the messages


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