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Prayers up for Ms. Allie Mo

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You are much loved, Miss Allie, by so many you have never met, on this forum. 

You cannot imagine what a positive difference you make to us, and how important you are to us, and how much we care about you. 


Our prayers are for your healing, and for you to be made aware of the various treatments, and medicines, that are out there, some mainstream, and many natural. I pray the Lord will reveal, and guide you, to those things that will assist in your healing. 


I claim these Scriptures, in the name of the Great Physician, Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (Lord Jesus the Messiah), for Miss Allie:

James: Chapter 5: verses 14, and 15. Please do this. 

Jeremiah: Chapter 30: verse 17

Psalm: Chapter 107, verse 20


Abba, Father, we send up prayers, in name of Yeshua, for relief, and for healing, for Miss Allie. Amen...let it be so. 









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Dang, sure sad news to hear. Miss Allie Meaux our prayers for your healing and recovery and lifted. You are strong and WILL recover. 


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You have my prayers and good wishes. You can beat this monster. Its going to be a tough fight but with prayer, good doctors and support from family and friends you can do it. If I could kick its ass surely you can.

Love HTH

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Sorry for your pain Allie. Stay strong, my prayers are with you.

Jax T

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My wife was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She had the hysterotomy the Monday after Thanksgiving of that year. 

She was not offered radiation.

She was told she needed chemo, and it would be two bags of chemo, each week, for six hour sessions, for six months. She was told to get a stint, and would need chemo, periodically, for the rest of her life. 

She said no.

When she told her surgeon that she decided not to take any chemo, the surgeon said "then you will die". So much for tact, and a bed-side manner.

I did not say this, but I wish I had....I should have said "Well, Doc, you know, it just isn't up to you!" 

Anyway...She thought about it, and prayed about it, and determined this was not for her, and she said no.

She told me to get on-line, and start researching other things to address this.

I did.

She is still here, active, and energetic, and going to a homeopathic doctor for treatments. 

   I said all that to say this...this was her choice, based on what she believed to be the right thing. We do not advocate to either take, or refuse, chemo, or radiation. It is your choice, based on what you believe to be the right thing to do. 

She studied the chemo, and it's effects, and she made the decision, and said no. Her decision, her choice.

   The point is this. There are things you can do, and things you can take, that will benefit you, and help you. Do not give up, or think it is hopeless. It is not!

Many folks take natural things, in addition to taking the traditional offerings of chemo and/or radiation.

Some, like my wife, did the surgery, and chose to go with a more natural approach to fight this.

You have more choices, and options, and avenues to fight this, than only just chemo and radiation. 

Have your husband start the research, and start fighting this on several fronts. There is no one silver-bullet to kill cancer, because there is more than one type of cancer. You want to use, what I call, "the shotgun effect" on cancer. Hit it with as many things as you can research, and don't allow it to escape, or "hide". 

All this is our experience, since 2016. I am passing this on to you, for what you think it is worth. Do not give up, or allow yourself to be persuaded it is useless, or hopeless, to fight this, outside of the main stream medical methods, that your doctor recommends. They fight this, their way, and you must fight this also, in as many other ways as you can.  

Think about this, pray about your situation, and consider all your options.

Fighting cancer is like going to war. You fight with everything you can find to fight with. You never give up fighting, and you fight to win. 

We want you well. We need you here. 





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Hate to hear this. We're praying for you.

Seamus and Kay

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Standing up on my knees for you, dear heart!

I'm trying to come up with something useful, informative, uplifting, educational, while avoiding the illegal, immoral or fattening, and for all my skills as a wordsmith ...

... I can't come up with words suitable for the occasion ...

... if it were possible, I'd freight a hug via this confuser thing, but last time I tried, I bent over and wrapped my arms around the laptop's screen ...

... knocked over my coffee cup ...

... threw out my back ...

... scared the dog when hot java and ceramic fragments scattered across the hardwood ...

... and stirred up enough dust to send me into a sneezin' fit!

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Oh Allie I am so sorry to see this news. Prayers heading up for successful surgery and complete recovery.


Eyesa & Ellie:wub:

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