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Happy Che Day!

Subdeacon Joe

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I was attacked by a Mexican kid in SoCal back a few years ago.  He was wearing a Che shirt and I asked him why.  He told me that El Che was one of Mexico's greatest heroes.  I told him that his "hero" wasn't a Mexican and killed anyone who didn't think like he did.  He called me a liar and when I told him to learn how to read to look it up in the library.  He pushed me and I made some comment to the affect of "you can't hurt me that way Chiquita!  He came in swinging and I Knocked him on his butt.  Two of his friends stepped in and I told them that "you girls are going get you faces busted".


They took him and left, showing the only good sense I'd seen in a long time.

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The little weinies I have seen with that Commie dogs face printed on their shirts are incredibly ignorant little turds. 

I encountered a kid in my local Rite Aid wearing a red CHE shirt. 
I asked him “What’s the best thing about Che Guevara?”

He said “Who?”

I said “Che Guevara, the guy on your shirt.”

He said “Oh…What’s the best thing about him?”

”He’s flippin’ dead!” Only I didn’t say “flippin’. I used another word that starts with today’s letter - the letter F!


I laughed at him and walked away as he processed what had been said. 
That boy was about as sharp as a bowling ball. 



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