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Tokarev project

Tom Bullweed

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I inherited my Dad's Chikom Type 51 7.62x25 semi-auto pistol, a near copy of the Russian Type 33 Tokarev.

Dad acquired said pistol in Hue in early 1968.  Nuff said.  

He shot and carried the gun for decades but rarely cleaned it.  Now I need to either get another barrel (preferred) or get the barrel relined.

Any of you cowboys have ideas on parts or a gunsmith?

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Information that may help. I do not know much about these guns. 



Not sure if this will work but here are parts for the TT33, which is supposed to be the same as the Type 51. Barrel $60.



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I haven't played in the C&R arena in a while but before the milsurps dried up  J&G SALES, Sarco and Numrich were go to's for milsurp toks

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Most Tok's will have drop in barrels. Loose Communist tolerances but can be surprisingly good shooters due to good design lockup at the muzzle. Keep an eye out for replacement firing pins and an occasional 9x19 barrel will pop up. Good sights and some have good triggers. Very usable sights

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