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Dusty Morningwood, need your help

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@Dusty Morningwood


Het Dusty. Finally getting around to getting that rifle I got from you ready for the range. I know, it has sit virgin in the safe way too long, I am ashamed. :oB)

anyway, stripped it all the way down to clean it and found a part That I don’t know what it is for. In the receiver, under the barrel threads is this block. It screws into the receiver with only a few threads. The block is tapped thru with some thread that is different than any other threaded fastener on the rifle. Nothing attaches to this block. What was it for? I figure it had to do the military configuration, but what was it? Did the cleaning rod screw in here, or was this part of the sling mount? I figure you might know. 


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You are correct that cleaning rod screwed into it. Kind of like an appendix now. Neither helps nor hurts function. 

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That's a right handsome piece there, Barney and Dusty!  :)


What's it chambered for?  History...?  :rolleyes:

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This one is chambered in 12.7x44r. Think 50-70… it is danged close and shoots the same bullets. 
this one is Swedish, made by husquvarna in 1874 in a military config (full stock) and if I get understand correctly was rimfire version. It was sporterized at some point, and was converted to center fire for the civilian market. 
when I get to a range, I’ll let y’all know how it did! :)

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Mine's a Remington ~ Argentine, .43 Spanish.  One of these days I'll get some proper brass.  :)













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