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CZ Hammered Coach Gun Repairs Needed

Major Art Tillery

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Have been having some troubles with what I call over travel on my CZ Coach Gun.  (Opens up to far and gets stuck when you try to close it)


Found the problem the lug the forearm clicks to has moved forward an 1/8 to 1/4 inch... Assume it will require a resolder... Or is it trash? Where to send them for repair?




Thanks for any info.



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My lug seperated a little from the barrels a couple years ago causing this issue.  Had to have the lug and the bottom rib resoldered to fix issue.

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If its a stock CZ I'd try and get them to fix or replace.  I believe they have a warranty/import place in Kansas. 


If the gun is heavily modified I'd try to find a competent SASS gunsmith to repair.  Johnny Meadows would be the first one I would talk to, but I am sure others will chime in with their preferred SASS smith.

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As mentioned above, contact Johnny Meadows. He has a really good method to repair this. I used his method on my SKB 3 years ago and it’s still holding up shootin Cowboy 3 times a month. 

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9 hours ago, Major Art Tillery said:

Problem found... Advice needed

Exactly.  Needs to be straightened and resoldered.  

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A shooting buddy has had this problem on his SKB double (internal hammers) three times now.  First time, gun was returned to Turkey for rib reattachment.   Second, gun was returned to CT for warranty repair of rib.  Now it's happened a third time.


This is NOT an easy failure to fix well.  And SKB smiths don't know how to fix it, apparently.


A REAL GOOD repair on ribs can be done by Art's Gunshop in Missouri, or Briley's Guns in Houston.....




If I remember correctly, Johhny's repair involves tig welding and reinforcing the forearm hanger lug, then resoldering the rib.   I'd be sure that would be a top notch way to fix it, too.


good luck, GJ

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