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Made my day.

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Cleaning up from Comin' At'cha and decided it was time to do a little postponed maintenance on a couple of 1911s.  I love my Colt XSE Lightweight Commander, but always hated the polymer mainspring housing.  So, last month, I ordered a Ed Brown Chainlink II in stainless to replace it.  Took time to get it installed.  


Then, I pulled out the Ruger SR1911.  I've had this one for 10 years, and it's been a great gun.  But the trigger pull has always been a mite heavy.  My trigger pull gauge recorded it at between 5.75 and 6 pounds for 5 pulls.  So I disassembled it, checked the trigger bow and housing for any burrs, or excessive wear marks.  All seemed good, and the sear engagement seemed spot on as well.  So I dropped a Cylinder & Slide Shop reduced power sear spring in, and WOW.  Trigger pull is a crisp, easy to break 3.25 pounds.  It was consistently the same 3.25 pounds for five pulls.  


Little things like that just make my day.  

XSE LW Commander EB CHL II 1.jpg

XSE LW Commander EB CHL II 2.jpg

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I believe there is a rule that if you’re going to post pictures of your very cool gun you must post pix that show the whole thing. 

Teasing is for burlesque shows. ;)


That is a very nice shooter, from what I can tell. :D

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The grips on the Colt are anodized aluminum cut with the puzzle piece design, and my Autistic son's nickname "Bman".  His name is Brandon, and I wear these in his honor.  

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