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Old Yeller Get Ready

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My folks never let me go to the movies on a Sunday. Back in those days, most of the businesses, in our small Hickville town, were closed on Sunday.

Sunday was for church, and perhaps an afternoon drive in the country, and t.v., of course. Mostly, it was for playing outside, and dreading going back to school the next day. 

But, one time, just once, back in 1957, they let me go to a movie....Old Yeller. I have no idea why that movie was the exception, but it was. They gave me 25 cents to get in, and no money for snacks. It was enough that I got to go on Sunday, so no snacks at the movie. 

Boy howdy, was that ever a sad story. I was lower than whale manure, for a long time, after seeing that movie. 

I have not seen the movie since that Sunday, in 1957. Nope, not in 64 years.

Seen it...not interested in seeing it again. 



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Never seen it. My wife said it made her cry.

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Get ready? I believe a better term would be "finally".


The major characters in that movie were Travis, his little brother Arliss, Mama and Papa, Mr. Sanderson (the man that actually owned Yeller, and traded him to Arliss for a horned toad), Bud Searcy, and his granddaughter Lisbeth.


They are all dead, 'cept for Lisbeth. The youngest of them, Arliss, died in 2015, and the oldest of them, Bud, died in 1995.

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