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Foo foo.

What does it mean to you?

My daddy, 1940 to 1961, told me that fufu was anything that smell good that you wore to attract the attention of the ladies. Cologne. Aftershave.

I had occasion to look up foo foo just now, and found many definitions - none of which were like that.


Then I got an idea, and did a search on Foo Foo naval slang. I came to a page that purported to be Navy slang.


It said foo foo was talcum powder. Well - that does smell good, but I wonder.



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The "official" meaning:


FooFoo (FuFu) - Externally applied aroma enhancement tending to make the wearer "smell like a French whore."

- most frequently used on ships experiencing a water shortage or immediately prior to "liberty for the crew" announcements.

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I usually used it to describe drinks with umbrella's in them.   Also guys who smelled like french ladies    GW

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