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High Wall and Marlin F/S


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It pains me to post these, but age and lost shooting buddies are forcing me to.  I have for FTF sale in Dallas/ Ft. Worth Texas  area :

A:  Uberti High Wall, 38-55, 30" bbl.  Lee Shaver Mid Range Soule  rear sight, Bubble level front.  Mid bbl dovetail blanked.  This is an early production rifle w/4 digit S/N.  Wood and metal is perfect w/ no wear or blemishes showing.  Bright  bore.  Shoots a .379 dia bullet.  Very little black shot thru it.  I was told it was made with a Pedersoli premium bbl, but can't prove it.  I do know it will ring steel at 200 yds.  That is as far as our range goes.

B:  Marlin 336, 38-55, 24" bbl, Ballard rifled, bright bore, JM stamped.  Chamber has been reamed to match bore, shoots a Missouri Bullet Co .379 Ballard real nicely.  One piece firing pin installed.  Marbles tang sight, Lyman globe front, Mid bbl dovetail blanked.  No blue wear or wood damage.  This one, too, will hit at 200 yds.

Included are 99 loaded rounds (some for each rifle) and 130 empty cases,  Double cavity steel (BACO) mold for the Uberti, RCBS Cowboy die set w/ custom BACO expander  die for the larger bullet, range de-capper, and at least a pound of their favorite powder.

I am willing to travel a little to expedite a delivery, but just don't want to go thru the hassle of FFL, packing, shipping etc.  Priced at $3500.00 for all.  Not interested in parting out at this time.

Should you be interested, PM me your phone # and I can send pics, or we can discuss anything else on your mind.

Thanks for looking.



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