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Results are up Appalachian Showdown West Virginia Championship 9/25-27

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Thanks to all who attended.  Great weather, great shooters, great match.

This is the longest continuous yearly match on the East Coast.

Hope to see you all for the 31st next year.


Some long timers had a good competition again.

Walker Colt (#3035) once again Men's Overall Champ

Cody Conagher (#6986) came out of hiding and earned WV State Men's Champion honors.

Sunshine Marcie (#64900) back in the winners circle again as Women's Overall Champ and WV State Champion.


Action photos to follow.




2021 Showdown.pdf

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This was a first for Lil Feathers and myself, but it definitely won't be our last.  The crew did an outstanding job of putting on this match, with fun stages, great props, a new jail, a bunk house, a mine, a bridge, and with just a little bit of throw-back to the old days to remind us of where this game came from.  Perfect for a 30th Anniversary match.  It was great to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while, and great to meet some new folks that we certainly hope to see again.


Would have liked to have stuck around for the night shoot but we were plumb tuckered out after the day's hike in the hills.  They didn't mention in application that the match came with a free cardio workout!  :o  (I've got to build a lighter cart!) :rolleyes:  How is it possible that everything in West Virginia is up-hill, both ways, even the targets! :lol:


I think I had more misses at this match than I had all year, but that was totally on me, not the match.  The targets were plenty big, and plenty close, it's just amazing how much a little elevation change in the targets can throw off your muscle memory.  Must have heard Twin shout, "You're Shooting Low, Dad" on half the stages!  :blush:  I knew I was in trouble when I came off the line and the spotters where holding up both hands!  :o  I need to read up on the use of those bumpy things on the end of the barrels again, I hear using them can help! :P


Overall, a great time was had by all, and the Lord willing, we will be back next year.


Thanks for all of the hard work by everyone who helped put on this match, congratulations to the Top Shooters, and to all of the winners.




Edit To Add:  Poor Lil was dealing with a shoulder that was just giving her fits, but she stuck it out to the end.  I'm not sure she wants to even see her shotgun again for a couple of months, and they do love their shotguns at CASS.  But, even with that, Lil said she had a great time and looks forward to coming back next year after the Doc's get her fixed up.



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Another year and another great match.


It turns out that Rawhide Ron is just an excellent posse leader.   He is very patient and explains everything until every posse member knows the stage directions.  For those of us that are getting up there in years, we do appreciate your understand and assistance.


Thanks again to all of those doing all of these preparations and work.


Frontier Lone Rider

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